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About Three Sisters Weaving

The Three Sisters, corn, beans and squash in Native American legend, grow together in one mound, but are very different from each other. They love each other very much and grow stronger when they are together. My younger sister taught me how to weave and my older sister provided years of support to my fiber business in Pennsylvania. Three Sisters Weaving is so named, to honor the loving bond between the three of us and our shared passion for weaving.

In 1998, our family moved from Fort Collins, CO with a small herd of Angora goats to Northern Pennsylania. For 17 years, I sustainably raised 100 head of Angora goats, Border Leicester Sheep and Nubian goats. Fleeces were washed and dyed at the farm, then sent to a mill where the fiber was processed into roving, yarn or socks. Returning to Colorado in 2015, I continue to work with the fiber and yarn produced by my Pennsylvania herd of Angoras and flock of Border Leicesters.

After 2 decades of raising sheep and goats, I now have the time to weave, knit and crochet with all their luscious fiber and yarn. In addition to hand-woven rugs, scarves, shawls, bags and knitted hats. Yarn produced from my own fiber lists the names of the animals that contributed their wool and Mohair. Yarn millspun from other small farm producers lists the farm and ranch names. Yarn is dyed with either natural plant dyes or acid dyes. Three Sisters Weaving is a dealer for Schacht weaving and spinning equipment, manufactured in Boulder, Colorado.  Follow our FaceBook page "Three Sisters Weaving" to see our weaving and mountain life after retiring from farming.



Phylleri Ball

206 Aspen Meadows Road
Nederland, CO  80466


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News Update

Three Sisters Weaving will be returning to the Eastern Sheep and Wool Shows in October, 2018. We will be vending at Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival in Virginia, The Little York Fall Fiber Festival in Cortland, NY and at SAFF, Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC.

We will have Ann Grout Ceramic Spindles, Turnips and Acorns with bowls. Plus our Hand-dyed yarn, Handwoven goods and more.
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