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Dr. Gregory Pais, N.D.

Phylleri's husband is a Naturopathic Physician and practices Classical Homeopathy. His website is

During our 17 years of raising sheep and goats, we managed our livestock sustainably, using organic feed, nutritional supplements and botanical medicines for our livestock health. The following links are some of the resources that we used in our livestock management.

Parasite Management Links

Goat & Sheep Product Suppliers Fertrell Organic Minerals

PCO certified organic grain, Bucky Ziegler, 51 Ziegler Road, Milton, PA 17847, phone 570-437-2156 Lancaster Ag Products

Helfter Feeds & Advanced Biological Concepts 1-888-435-3837 Free Choice Minerals & Pro Bi products
Hoeggers Supply Company 1-800-221-4628
Caprine Supply 1-800-646-7736
Jeffers Livestock Supplies 1-800-633-7592
Premier Fencing & Livestock Products 1-800-282-6631
Crystal Creek - Natural Products for Agriculture 1-888-376-6777


Phylleri Ball

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Nederland, CO  80466


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News Update

Three Sisters Weaving will be returning to the Eastern Sheep and Wool Shows in October, 2018. We will be vending at Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival in Virginia, The Little York Fall Fiber Festival in Cortland, NY and at SAFF, Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC.

We will have Ann Grout Ceramic Spindles, Turnips and Acorns with bowls. Plus our Hand-dyed yarn, Handwoven goods and more.
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Title:  Three Sisters Weaving, Phylleri Ball, Yarn, Weaving, Goats 
Description:  Three Sisters Weaving provides Hand Dyed Yarn and Farm Raised Mohair Yarn. We have socks, scarves, shawls, hats, bags, rugs, wheels and looms. Phylleri Ball is the Dyer and Weaver of Three Sisters Weaving.

Keywords: Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Farm Raised Mohair Yarn, Socks, Weaving, Schacht, Spinning Wheels, Looms, Rugs, Sheepskins, Nubian Goats